You heard a lot about famous sandy Golden Horn beach on Brač island but you never had a chance to get there and enjoy its beauty. You are not interested into excursion tours and being surrounded by strangers. This private tour can be a great option for you then.

We will meet you at the port of Hvar town. After chatting with our skipper and you telling us your preferences of boat types and expectations we will start this private tour towards Bol with you.

We highly recommend  doing a bay hopping along the secluded south bays of Brač island. Do not be shocked by beauty of this hidden gems. We will be more than happy to show you an old naval submarine base that was used by the former Yugoslavia army.

If you want to feel a Mediterranien as it used to be than feel free to follow our recommendations and make your next stop at the north side of Hvar island  where we can show you some peaceful bays where people used to live for thousands of years very simple life. No, we do not need to be quiet here, although this place is known as a Tiha bay what means Quiet bay.

On our way back we recommend you doing a mini bay-safari along the north coast of Hvar island.  If you get hungry  or thirsty our guide would take a care of that and give you some recommendations for lunch bars where you can rest a bit and bite something.

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